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UPDATE 11/04


Quest info bug text.
Reset in game........!p7gHXIbC!Oo8E5_JZu52QlqH8LCs2ED0dXzimyuVgr50tm0lRws8

Posted 12 / 04 / 2019

Season 14 Part 1-3 - Kubera Mine

Posted 23 / 03 / 2019

Season 14 Part 1-1 Info Server

- Vesion: 14 parte 1-3
- Exp: 500x ~ 100xml
- Blugbless: OFF
- Mestre Exp: 30x
- Servidor: (#nopay2win)

Whats New in Version:

- New Character: Rune Wizard
- New Jewelery System
- New map Kubera Mine
- New items for Mastery (Blue Eye)
- Unique server customizations and more.

PVP: All monsters from Tarkan2 are dealt damage, defense and hp, which means you will need at least a few skills or a good deal to conquer medium and higher level maps.
So youll need some ability to level up the third and fourth tree of master abilities!

Our server has resets.
Earn 250 points per reset.

Exciting and challenging PVE system, fun from 1lvl to the highest level.
Completely rebuild the PVP system, switch to each class to be top killer!

Max character level: 400 + 700 = 1100
Small points all maps to level up!
Rapid re-spawning heads
Jewels of the Soul + luck = 90%
Jewel of the Soul without luck = 70%
Life = 70% (option +16 Max)

No items store, only items hunted and created in-game
WebMarket: Sell your items to other players without being cheated
Offtrade: Sell your items to Wcoins in the game (activated just should not)

Agenda / Plan of Events:
Gold Invasion: every 3 hours
God of Darkness: every 2 hours
Boss Nixies: every 3 hours
Blood Castle: 2x EXP, every 2 hours, AA Weapon Reward, with 10% chance to get EXC and AA2lvl items!
Devils Square: 2x EXP, every 2 hours
Chaos Castle: every 3 hours
Silver / Gold 10k / 20k RUUD Boxes (drops all randoms maps)
Offtrade: Sell your items to Wcoins in the game (activated just should not)

Posted 09 / 03 / 2019

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